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Create meaningful loyalty experiences that power lifetime connections with your customers Watch the video

Loyalty members can spend up to 3x more with your brand than non-members. So how do you create a loyalty experience that keeps your members engaged, happy and coming back for more? Epsilon PeopleCloud Loyalty delivers 1:You loyalty by creating powerful human experiences that matter.

Decades of creating loyalty

The most advanced software with service loyalty
With nearly 50 years of experience, we provide the strategy, insights and software to convert casual customers into lifelong fans.
The best experiences for your best customers
We ensure your data is protected, actionable and relevant-giving your best customers the experiences they deserve.
Simplify with the most flexible solution
Whether your loyalty strategy is straightforward or complex, we have the tools and services to create connections that count.
Performance you can trust
Rely on >99.9% uptime with the industry's most powerful and reliable cloud-based loyalty platform.


Powered by human behaviour & driven by data


Real-time rewards

Recognise and reward customer behaviour at the moment they take action, with rewards and offers they actually want. Epsilon PeopleCloud Loyalty offers the widest range of reward, redemption and currency options and the most flexible tier structures. We make it easy for you to deliver the most meaningful rewards to your most valuable customers—all in real time.


Engaging moments

Engage with customers in the moments that matter most. Momentum, Epsilon PeopleCloud Loyalty’s real-time marketing engine, calculates the most effective outcomes in real time to drive your desired customer behaviour. Deliver behaviour-driven, personalised offers; relevant communications; and engaging gamification experiences across any channel and any device.


Digital focus

Use your data the right way and create smarter customer loyalty strategies. Epsilon PeopleCloud Loyalty offers machine learning, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics—and our proprietary loyalty segmentation and model is built right into our platform. You'll more accurately predict and influence customer behaviour in the shortest amount of time to dynamically deliver the most relevant loyalty experiences.


Customer protection

We know the importance of brand trust and protecting your customers’ personal and transactional data. You'll know that your data is always safe and secure with Epsilon PeopleCloud Loyalty. Our platform is free from personally identifiable information (PII) and GDPR-compliant, and all data is always encrypted in-transit and at-rest. Plus, we have one of the only platforms that helps detect fraudulent reward redemptions in real time, and stop them.


Loyalty services

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all loyalty strategy. Maximise the full potential of your loyalty programme with our world-class loyalty services. Gain a deeper understanding of your customers and design a one-of-a-kind loyalty programme with our industry experts in strategic consulting, creative services, marketing data and digital media.


Connected experiences

In a multichannel world, we help you connect with customers fluidly and seamlessly. Our suite of customer engagement capabilities is designed to work together. Epsilon PeopleCloud Loyalty, along with our marketing data, multichannel and digital media services, empowers you to tell a unified story across channels, creating connected experiences. Epsilon PeopleCloud Loyalty is an approved Adobe Amplify Partner Solution, which helps you supercharge customers' experiences.

We are committed to your success and will tailor our support model to match your evolving needs. Whether you need a solution that's full-service, self-service or in between, we'll provide just the right amount of ongoing support. We've excelled at this for nearly 50 years; put our experience to work for you.

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