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A privacy-safe clean room to analyse your best customers and efficiently acquire new ones Learn more

What we help you achieve

Analyse consumer behaviour
Identify predictive triggers throughout each of their journeys.
Score their propensities
Anticipate their needs and reach them at the moment they consider making a purchase.
Model & activate audiences
Achieve your goals for every campaign, including acquisition and re-engagement.
Measure your true impact
Power multi-touch attribution models, with better data and more touchpoints.

How we’re different

Align people's online & offline worlds to a privacy-safe ID.


ID-based data

Get a comprehensive view of each customer and prospect that aligns all their first- and third-party behavior and marketing interactions to an individual ID.


Person-level clean room

Interact with your data in a secure, privacy-based analytical environment. You and your partners will have granular access to individual consumer IDs, allowing you to model them with the highest degree of accuracy.


Real-time hub

With a trusted, real-time source of truth, your entire organisation will have the most relevant consumer intelligence across all your platforms.


Predictive intent signals

Anticipate your customers' and prospects' needs using highly predictive digital intent signals, at a scale unavailable anywhere else—so you'll start interacting with them months before the competition does.


Time to value

Start creating value in weeks—not months—with a dedicated account team. With no set-up fees, 100% of your investment will be working for you.

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What is cross-device? It's an important term when it comes to Epsilon PeopleCloud Prospect. It's the ability to do something across a consumer's devices.

What about cross-device tracking? If you're looking for the cross-device tracking definition, you've come to the right place. Cross-device tracking is the ability to recognize consumers across all their personal devices. Deterministic cross-device tracking involves recognizing person-level data, like an email address, when it's used across multiple devices. This method of device ID tracking is usually seen as the most accurate. 

But, what about if you're looking for the cross-device targeting definition? We have that too. Cross-device targeting is serving ads to the same consumer across multiple devices. When you're able to serve the same ad to someone across multiple devices, those are called cross-device ads.