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Create meaningful loyalty experiences that power lifetime connections with your customers Watch the video

Loyalty members can spend up to 3x more with your brand than non-members. So how do you create a loyalty experience that keeps your members engaged, happy and coming back for more? Epsilon PeopleCloud Loyalty delivers 1:You loyalty by creating powerful human experiences that matter.

A unique loyalty journey for every customer

With 1:You loyalty, you'll keep your loyalty members happy, engaged and continually coming back to you over their lifetimes.

Many companies have loyalty programmes, but few create experiences that actually power lifetime relationships. Does yours stack up? Take the Forrester assessment

How we're different

Powered by human behaviour & driven by data


Identity-based customer profiles

All of each customer’s data—online and offline—is connected to a single profile, allowing you to seamlessly activate across digital and physical channels.


Real-time, personalised rewards

Reach every loyalty member at precisely the right moment, and bring them personalised rewards and experiences driven by their real-time behaviour.


Native integration across our product suite

Seamlessly integrate your loyalty marketing across all Epsilon PeopleCloud solutions from the beginning, including Messaging and Customer.


Strategic services and expertise

Benefit from the expertise of a partner that has spent decades building and growing successful loyalty solutions for leading brands.


Scalability and performance

Our performance uptime is unrivaled, and we’ll scale to meet the needs of loyalty strategy—from straightforward to the most complex.

Case Studies


Walgreens Balance® Rewards programme makes a healthy partnership with Epsilon

Dunkin logo

Dunkin’ builds customer loyalty and generates sales with the DD Perks programme

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