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Drive brand consideration and measure it with an industry-first metric
Marketers are under pressure to prove the impact of their investments - but measuring if a campaign drove brand consideration is difficult. With our branding solution, you'll share your brand story across programmatic display and digital video ads. Then you’ll learn the true impact of your campaigns through an industry-first brand consideration metric that measures the percentage of consumers who go on to visit your website, app or even research your brand on a third-party site.


See how our technology and expertise will set you apart.


Measure with an industry-first metric

With the industry's first offering for measuring brand consideration at the individual level at scale, you'll go beyond reach and impressions and understand exactly how many people are considering your brand. This metric is based on four distinct actions: brand website visits, email opens, app visits and brand-related browsing behaviour.


Reach more of the right people

Identify the right people to message based on our comprehensive profiles of 200M+ people including demographics, psychographics, browsing behaviour and purchase history. You’ll increase efficiency by identifying people who are not actively engaged with your brand.


In-campaign optimisation

You don’t have to wait until the campaign is over to see what worked and what didn’t. Our AI learns what works in-flight and adjusts the strategy as we learn more about your audience.


Multiple media formats in one solution

Deliver consistent messages across both display and video to tell your brand story in a more unified and impactful way.


Category Acquisition

Boost sales in your most important categories


Put your partners’ dollars to work for you

Location Driver

Drive traffic and sales to locations that need it most

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