Customer Insights

Tools and expert analysts drive


We take a customer-first approach and challenge you to identify who your customers really are. Using a combination of qualitative and quantitative data, our hundreds of analysts, statisticians and consultants uncover the needs, goals and motivations of customers and how they behave in relation to the category and your brand.

These insights inform decisions that will enable you to reach, connect with and grow the value of your customers. We’ll work with you to find opportunities for improvement, and to examine the level of effort required to realize the business gain. We put together benefit realization plans and practical roadmaps to support any suggested changes. Our tools and methodologies support the creation of customer profiles, customer journeys, customer segmentation strategies and behavioral modelling, including machine learning.


Smart, cross-channel creative


Change your customers' behavior with powerful creative ideas built on data-driven insights. We deliver hyper-personalized content and experiences through a comprehensive range of services and channels including events, videos, branding, advertising, websites, apps, social media, direct response and multicultural audiences.

Our approach to combining qualitative and quantitative data to create a single customer view means that we have a deeper understanding of your customers, in ways that other agencies don’t. And with campaign strategy and marketing technology experts equipped to deliver the most relevant content in the right channel at the right time. You’ll cut through the competition with compelling, timely and personally relevant content. 

To learn more about how we deliver big ideas and even bigger results for our clients, visit our Epsilon Agency website.


Digital Experience

Strategies and expertise to deliver


Our goal is to deliver better customer experiences that improve your return on investment. These experiences grow from an understanding of your business objectives, your strategic vision and current performance.

Our holistic approach covers people, process and technology. We hand-pick a team of specialists in analysis, digital strategy, user experience, content strategy and technology integration to review your current approach, how you're leveraging existing assets and how you compare to your competition, before recommending a step-change roadmap to improve digital performance.



Strategic Consulting

Industry experts and consultants


What are your marketing challenges? We’ll help you understand them—then design the roadmap and implement the tactics to overcome them.

Our strategic consultants will pull from our portfolio of services to build you a customized program. Whether you need a social media strategy or a comprehensive, integrated suite of solutions, we’ll provide everything—including expertise across all components of digital marketing; actionable recommendations; and technology integration and optimization. And you’ll have full program-management support to help you every step of the way.

As our track record shows, our enterprise-tested approach will help you evolve into one of the world’s leading marketers.

Marketing technology & Digital Integration

A marketing partner to


Driving sustainable growth requires better insights, practical know-how, technical acumen and a clear strategy—and the ability to mobilize around how to capture that growth. Today’s leading marketers balance being strategists and tacticians, analysts and visionaries, innovators and brand stewards, technologists and creative directors. But no one can do everything equally well. Or all at once.

That’s where we come in. Wherever you need help and expertise, Epsilon provides the talent and experience you need to achieve success.  We’ll assemble the marketing operations, data, creative, content and analytic teams to develop and execute always-aware programs, orchestrate and integrate channels, and create cutting-edge engagement, acquisition and loyalty programs that connect customers to your brand.

Epsilon delivers managed marketing solutions that deliver demonstrable and sustainable results for some of the world’s most sophisticated brands.  Let us do the same for you.