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Publisher Identity

Accurately identify every user with our first-party cookie solutions
There are better ways to identify users than third-party cookies - that's why we began working to minimise dependency on them over three years ago. Choose from our suite of identity solutions that enable you to accurately identify each one of your site visitors. That way, you'll provide your users with more personalised browsing experiences while you increase your bid opportunities and earnings.

Key benefits

Improve your match percentage
Connect your site data to our unique user IDs that don’t degrade over time.
Increase monetisation and earning potential
Expand your bid opportunities and raise your CPMs.
Provide better user experiences
Reduce latency and improve message visibility and relevance with fewer callouts to third parties.
Better privacy
Our user IDs use site-specific cookies and aren’t shared across domains.
Mitigate the impact of third-party cookie deprecation
Continue to accurately identify and learn about your audience as third-party cookies are eliminated.
Measure incremental lift
Know exactly how your ads performed with our first-party cookie solutions in the publisher UI.

Epsilon Publisher Identity solutions


Publisher Common ID

An open-source, first-party cookie solution that provides access to Epsilon’s premium client demand with no contracts or signup required. With Publisher Common ID, publishers have seen a 23% increase in revenue and 30% increase in fillable impressions.

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Publisher Link

Activate your first-party authenticated data by connecting it to our industry-leading identity to improve audience identification and increase bid opportunities at no cost.

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Combine Publisher Common ID + Publisher Link

Our first-party cookie solutions are designed to build on each other and increase performance capabilities with each integration. By combining both solutions, you'll activate our strongest identity solution and recognise each user with even more accuracy.

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