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At Epsilon, data is at the core of everything we do.

We help businesses understand big data, interpret patterns in order to anticipate how, when and where customers will engage with their brand.

We believe that when you’re close to those you’re talking to, you don’t need to shout.

It all starts by figuring out who your business needs to talk to. We do this by blending qualitative and quantitative data to understand the needs, goals and motivations of consumers, as well as the differences between them. These insights drive the kind of smart decisions that are required to connect with customers through the most relevant channels, with the right content and experience, at the right time. Our fusion of data, insights, technology and creativity enables us to deliver behavior change and grow customer value.

Understanding the path to purchase has never been more important. Conversant, the digital arm of Epsilon, is the industry’s leading personalized digital media company. Their extensive consumer data and powerful end-to-end platform enables you to track, reach and connect with customers, so that you can have relevant, ongoing conversations with millions of customers in owned and paid channels, across any device.

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Grow lasting relationships with a loyalty program uniquely purposed to your 


Build a loyalty solution that engages your customers wherever and whenever they want. Agility Loyalty® is a powerful combination of strategy, insights, software and services designed to help you make lasting connections with your customers with personalized, consistent cross-channel experiences.

It includes an easily configured mobile app that fits the lifestyle of digital-savvy consumers, a simplified administration console that makes your program easy to monitor and manage, and a flexible points manager that lets you cater to the preferences and needs of your customers.

Email & Mobile

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Never again send the same email blast to everyone. With Agility Harmony® you’ll customize all your brand emails, SMS and mobile push messages based on each customer’s preferences, transaction history, online behavior, cross-channel activity and more. You’ll respond in real time with targeted communications and offers. And you’ll have the insights to make your next campaign even stronger.

Digital Media

Profit from the


Conversant, the digital arm of Epsilon, is the industry’s leading personalized digital media company. Our extensive consumer data (including transactions, locations and web activity) and powerful end-to-end platform allow you to have relevant, ongoing conversations with millions, across all their devices.

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