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Case Study
Creating a brand that is direct,
Disruptive, and trustworty


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Digital Media


Offscript is a joint venture between independent News & Media (INM) and production company Shinawil. Their goal is to raise the bar on the quality of content served to modern viewers, to not only capture their attention, but their imagination as well. 

With so much content vying for our attention, each message has to fight harder than it ever has to stand out. And we created a brand that fights just as hard. The branding needed to be direct, disruptive, and driven, and at the same time trustworthy.

The solution

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We stepped away from the computer and took up spray paint, charcoal, ink, and scalpels to craft a logo with handmade elements, then incorporated custom typography.

We created a logo that looks at home on a protest placard or a business card. It's a brand that favours brevity, soundbites, and strong statements.

The outcome

This logo represents Offscript as a force of change, so we used bold textures and colours to convey this radical feel. The backward brackets are opposing forces and the openness of the stories yet to be told.

"Epsilon knocked it out of the park when creating a very distinctive mark for the brand."

Mitchell O'Gorman, MD, Offscript

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