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Case Study


Expanding the Partners

programme social reach

from local to global


Social media


  • Branded content
  • Creative services




In 2016, Google Partners needed to expand its social presence. Their aim was to go from a single local channel to global and multi-channel, to build a central social presence and support.

The solution

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Epsilon was briefed to create a strategy and launch Google Partners’ social presence globally to support and promote the Partners program. Since the launch the team have handled the ongoing management and social strategy of the Partners Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ channels. This includes content planning, content creation, creative campaigns, cross-functional campaigns, supporting program launches, channel moderation, reporting, and social listening.

The Results

Partners received a warm welcome, with over 60k impressions on the first two posts alone and has been seeing organic growth since February 2016. Since then, Google Partners social has achieved some pretty cool milestones. In 2017, we hosted the first paid social campaign for Google Partners through their Twitter channel, supported some program launches, and kept up with business as usual!  The 8.6k outbound posts since the 2016 global launch generated 25.8 million impressions, and an engagement rate 2 times higher than Google’s average. We’ve also maintained a positive relationship with our users, with an overall user sentiment of 98% positive or neutral.


higher engagement than average

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